My name is Atanas Stefanov and I come from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. By May 2019 I will have finished my education in 'Acad. Kiril Popov' High School of Mathematics, with a third degree of professional qualification in the sphere of Systems Programming.

Nevertheless, it has been a lifelong dream of mine to become a Professional Astronomer. My first approach to Astronomy was in early 2008, when I discovered the Internet and became a regular player in ConQUIZtador. I crossed paths with Competitive Astronomy when I turned 12, and I have been a member of the Extended Bulgarian National Team of Astronomy since.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a desirable amount of support by governmental institutions throughout my education in the sphere of Astronomy in the face of my school or any astronomical societies. Regardless, I have expanded my knowledge in Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics primarily on my own, enough to progress and excel at Astronomy Olympiads for four consecutive years (and counting), which I consider a great individual achievement of mine. I take this field of science quite seriously and I hope I can find a bright future within it.

The following autobiography includes my hobbies, fields of interest and skilles developed, awards etc.