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Starting Wire

If RJ-45 Port and Wire 4->5, start at 4.
Otherwise, start at number of batteries (if it exists).
Otherwise, start at first numerical SN digit (if it exists).
Otherwise, if Lit CLR, cut all from highest to lowest.
Otherwise, start at lowest numbered wire.

Cutting Wires

Always cut first wire!
Go through chart starting with first SN letter.

Letter Cut If
A/N Previous is Red, White, or Black.
B/O Current starts at even.
C/P Previous was cut.
D/Q Previous is Red, Blue, or Black.
E/R Of previous 3, 2 share a color.
F/S Exactly 1 of previous 2 matches current color.
G/T Previous is Yellow, White, or Green.
H/U Previous was NOT cut.
I/V Previous skips a plug.
J/W Previous is Yellow, Blue, or Green.
K/X Previous 2 are different colors
L/Y Previous leads to ≥7
M/Z Of previous 2, at most 1 White or Black.