nasko7's Minimalistic KTANE Manual


22.05.2018 - now

I've been a fan of the game 'Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes' since its initial release in 2015. Our community is very small, yet unite. Since most of our community members devote a lot of time to creation/optimization of bomb modules, I decided to present a compilation of all my current game knowledge into a compact, minimalistic manual.

The current project contains all KTANE vanilla modules with reasonable instructions, along with all community-developed modules (mods) I know myself. Needless to say, the project content will expand as my knowledge in this particular sphere develops.

Club Quant


17.10.2012 - now

More than 10 years of tradition in the organization of national competitions in physics and natural sciences. More than 100 active members involved in the academic and scientific activities of the city. Club Quant is a place in which I have happily taken part in since 6th grade. 6 years later, I happen to be the Chairman of the Board of club 'Quant' and the main IT/Astro guy there. I also host and maintain our current website, write competition software code and video edit all recorded footage.